I am a current PhD student in philosophy at University at Buffalo (SUNY). I hold an MA in philosophy from Western Michigan University (2017), and an MA in religion from Westminster Theological Seminary (2014). I also hold a BA in philosophy and in psychology from Central Michigan University (2010).

My research focuses on early modern philosophy (typically 1625-1750), especially metaphysics. My dissertation under progress focuses on John Sergeant and George Berkeley’s attempts to solve the problems of universals and individuation. I argue that Sergeant’s realism can avoid problems that typical realists and nominalists face. With neither nostalgia nor an appeal to novelty, I regard highly the dictum we must look back to move forward (a la MacIntyre). All the while, I am sympathetic to an antiquarian approach to the history of philosophy (a la Garber). I also do research in biomedical ethics and in applied ontology. For example, in the Informed Consent Ontology.

In lieu of posting my email address (which is simply my first and last name at gmail), feel free to contact me through this form if it is more convenient for you:

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