Students can make progress on problems if they are given the right tools and the right questions. My goal as an instructor is to help students develop their ability to critically analyze a situation with the relevant perspectives in mind and precisely state their position. My method is to help students develop the habit of asking clear, short questions that have the goal of making progress. In ethics, we ask questions of what values need to be weighed. In historical philosophy, we ask interpretive questions and what implications follow from particular commitments. In logic, we ask questions strategically advance our ability to deduce the next steps or discern what we need first.

Diverse Teaching Models

I am passionate about enhancing society through education. I am an instructor at University at Buffalo and Niagara University. I also provide free on my YouTube channel, PhilosophyVajda.

For those who want to receive informal, scheduled instruction from me, I encourage you to contact me directly. I may organize a more formal service on this site in the future, but in the meantime I am happy to negotiate learning experience that is valuable to you. My email: jonathan.vajda [at] gmail.com

Teaching Experience

All are listed as instructor of record, unless otherwise marked. Courses online are marked with an asterisk (*).

University at Buffalo

  • Introduction to Philosophy (Spring 2020*)
  • Biomedical Ethics (Summer 2019*, Winter 2019*, Fall 2018*)
  • Contemporary Moral Problems (Summer 2018*)
  • Introduction to Ethics (Winter 2018*)

As Teaching Assistant

  • Biomedical Ethics (Fall 2017, Spring 2018)

Niagara University

  • Ethics (Summer 2020*, 2x Fall 2020)
  • Introduction to Philosophy (2x Spring 2020, 2x Fall 2019)

Western Michigan University

  • Professional Ethics (Summer 2017)
  • Deductive Logic (2x Spring 2017, 2x Fall 2016)
  • Introduction to Ethics (Spring 2016)
  • Critical Thinking (Summer 2016*)

As Teaching Assistant

  • Critical Thinking (Summer 2016*)
  • Introduction to Ethics (Fall 2015)