The Method to Science, Book 1 now available

I have now made the entire text The Method to Science, Book I, available online! Rather than continue to make each less available piecemeal, which I can do later (it is rather tedious to reformat and tailor everything to HTML), the entire text is now available as a PDF. It can be downloaded here:

I intend to create the next layer (updating spelling, such as ‘meerly’ -> ‘merely’, ‘compleat’ -> ‘complete’) after I finish the remaining books. There is so much to say by way of commentary. Much of what he offers is a fairly clear and straightforward case for Aristotelian philosophy and Thomistic Christian metaphysics. I’ll be brief for now, but here are a few tidbits of some odd or interesting contours of the text:

  • Addresses puzzles of non-entities and negations, and our meanings of such terms if they are truly nothing
  • Argues that nature abhors a vacuum, contra the Epicureans
  • Justifies his use of the 10 Categories (of Aristotle), clarifying along the way common misunderstandings and arguing against competing views (e.g., about absolute place, relative place, etc.)
  • Distinguishes between habits and dispositions
  • Clarifies why God is said to be eternal if there is no ‘before’ the Creation of the universe
  • Explains how many angels can fit on the head of a pin (sort of), and why
  • Warns against common misunderstandings of words and getting caught up in logomachy (arguments over meanings of words)

And that’s not all!