Phase 10 Score Tracking Spreadsheet

Want to keep track of scores Phase 10 but don’t want to use paper? There really wasn’t any easy way to do it electronically. I can’t think of an app that would do this well. Here’s what I would want the score keeper to be able to do:

  • enter in numbers and the total score is calculated automatically
  • keep track of who has completed a phase in a round
  • easily calculate which phase each player is on

Well, could a spreadsheet do that? Yes! Yes it can!

Here’s mine:

And here’s the template version:

It accomplishes all of the intended tasks. Phases completed are shown by checking a box, and at the bottom is a tally of how many boxes are checked. Pretty straightforward. But it also gives a round amount you can enter, and the running total automatically displays on the right.

How can you use it? You’d probably want to download/copy the file. It’s a google sheet. Enter your own players and scores under the player’s names.

If you use it and like it, please let me know! If you found mistakes or ways to improve, let me know! If you want to distribute it (or modify and distribute), please credit me.

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